Free Shed Plans

One website that has shed plans that I really liked was this is a guide that takes you through all the steps to build a shed. The plans for the 10x10 gable shed are free, but there is a small fee to download them. There are also plans for a gambrel shed with a loft. The plans this website has are available in many sizes.

The main site has plans for many outdoor projects, from small and easy to more complex ones such as sheds. If you are into gardening, there is also lots of garden advice on how to grow vegetables and fight pest and disease naturally.

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How To Build A Shed

Building a shed is not as difficult as many think, see examples here, as long as you follow shed plans. A shed is a very basic structure and it is not difficult to build. Most folks will have problems building the shed truss. They have a hard time figuring out the angles for the rafters. Having shed plans eliminates all of this. If you are not an experienced builder, or this is the first time you will be building a shed, get a hold of plans that you can understand and feel comfortable with.
Where To Get Shed Plans

You can find shed plans by searching the net. There are a few places were you can get them free and the plans are fairly good quality. Some sites have list of free shed plans.

Tips for Building a Chicken House

The shed plans mentioned here can be customized and used as chicken houses. Most of the designs for sheds can also be used for building play houses and tree houses. Building tree houses were require more safety, see this site for more tree house ideas.

When you build a chicken house, you want it to look nice. Choosing the right design is important. To determine what design you want, you need to decide how many chickens the house will occupy. To be successful at building you will need to sketch out chicken coop plans or browse the net for coops you are happy with.

The chicken house will need to have windows for natural sunlight, and a big door to make cleaning easy. The house needs to be built with safety in mind. Be sure the chickens are will protected from cold or hot weather. Also be sure to surround the house with wire mesh to protect against any predators. The coop will also need adequate ventilation for fresh air.

Provide the chickens with water and food that they can get too easily. Place it in a location where it is safe and keep the chickens from making a mess.
The easiest way to get started is by finding plans that are detailed and complete. If you search online you can find many free plans in many different styles.


Projects You Can Build In A Weekend

Adirondack chairs are one of the most popular weekend projects most of us will want to build. These chairs not only look great, but they are very comfortable as well.

There are many different ways to build these chairs. There are also tons of websites that have plans for these chairs free.

One tip when you are building these outdoor chairs is choosing wood that will last for years. Treat the wood with stain or paint to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

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